Thursday, October 18, 2012

NEW Affordable Modern Coat Racks - Just In Time For The Winter Season!

The winter season is coming, and you are probably in desperate need of extra hanging room. Storage is on everyone's mind when its time to break out all of those winter coats and get ready for the holiday season. Especially when those holiday get-togethers bring even more jackets and coats in need of hanging.
Luckily, Baxton Studio has a new line of coat racks just in time for the winter season! And by new, I mean brand spanking new! So new, that we haven't even come up with a proper name yet. But I bring this to you are a special surprise for all you wonderful blog readers. This is a great ironrod coat rack that is great for any decor.

Keep your eyes peeled for this coat rack and tons of new product on our website coming soon. In the meantime please check out all of the awesome furniture Baxton Studio currently has to offer on our website. We have tons of affordable modern and contemporary furniture!

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